With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally

supporting animals & rainforests globally

Welcome to With Compassion & Soul, inspired by the words of Gandhi

"Be the change you want to see in the world", we spend every waking minute raising awareness & funds to make the world a better place for animals by Buying & Selling Merchandise, Making & Selling Merchandise and creating campaigns to bring in funds to fund animal projects Globally. 

Whilst we have many projects on the go our main current project is helping The Centre for Orangutan Protection build a much needed Orangutan & Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo.  Please look around our site, arm yourself with info and then checkout our webstore as there are many exciting things in there as well as fabulous fundraising campaigns to support. 

Thank you

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Since 2002 With Compassion & Soul has raised over $850,000 and collected over $200,000 worth of medical supplies and distributed to twenty eight  organisations who help animals, women & children globally. We no longer collect & distribute medical supplies but focus now on fundraising. We also changed our logo.


June 2014 brought a new focus to our organisation. 

Many of the groups we have long supported over this time are doing really well & have grown & developed into larger organisations & are changing the lives of many animals daily through their work. In a few years we will be based in Indonesia & have decided to streamline the work we do. So we have narrowed our focus and will be concentrating on fundraising for & working with the organisations  on our PROJECT PAGES. 

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The building of a new & much needed orangutan/wildlife rescue & rehabilitation centre in North East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo  is the project we are currently 

raising funds for.    

The 3 campaigns above - THE WALLS OF LOVE - THE BOARDWALKS OF LOVE & THE ORCHARD OF LOVE are all ways in which you can contribute and help build this new centre being built by The Centre For Orangutan Protection. This centre is gradually being built brick by brick by YOUR Love. It receives no funding only donations made in love from people all around the world.  If you would like to be part of this centre coming into being then please visit our webstore to see which campaign you may like to be a part of or for donations click below