With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally

supporting animals & rainforests globally

Welcome to With Compassion & Soul,

Inspired by the words of Gandhi "Be the change you want to see in the world",

we spend every waking minute raising awareness & funds to

make the world a better place for rainforests and animals by ;

buying & selling merchandise

making & selling merchandise

creating campaigns

implementing projects

educating people

We also operate the world's first International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark which also brings in funds to fund rainforest & animal projects Globally.

Thank you

Email : compassion@iinet.net.au

BRIEF HISTORY 2002 to 2014

Since 2002    

With Compassion & Soul has raised funds & educated on various animal & environmental issues & collected over $200,000 worth of medical supplies & distributed to 28 organisations who help animals, women & children globally. 

To see who we supported during this time please click this link  We no longer collect & distribute medical supplies but focus now on fundraising & education. We also changed our logo. 

If you have time please like our Facebook pages and some of our partners pages in the right hand column of this page.

2014 to 2017

June 2014

brought a new focus to our organisation. 

Many of the groups we have long supported over this time are doing really well & have grown & developed into larger organisations & are changing the lives of many animals daily through their work. More and more of our projects seem to be Indonesian based & so between 2014 and 2017 we streamlined our projects and concentrated on fundraising for & working with the  organisations on our  PROJECT PAGES.       Between 2014 to 2017  we raised funds and in partnership with The Centre for Orangutan Protection built and operated the 6th Orangutan & Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre in North East Kalimantan called  

COP Borneo. Thank you to all who have helped.


Whilst we remain raising funds for projects which make the world a better place for animals both in Australia and Globally and educating people about animal & environmental issues we have also just launched the world's first International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark POFCAP. 

Please go to palmoilfreecertification.org to find out more.