This Certification is product based not brand based. This means companies who sell products which contain palm oil and sell products which do not contain palm oil can apply for certification for the palm oil free products in their range. If those products are assessed and certified they can attain Product Certification. Should the company’s entire range be Certified Palm Oil Free then the company attains Company Certification.

There are 2 types of certification.

1. Product Certification – one or more products or sub brands are submitted, assessed and individual products certified. This benefits companies who make both palm oil free products and products which contain palm oil and enables them to apply for certification, for those products in their portfolio which are palm oil free


2. Company/Brand Certification – the company’s entire product portfolio including sub brands are submitted, assessed and whole company is certified – this benefits companies who want their whole company certified

For this process to occur there are 2 sets of fees

1) The Application Fee (invoiced first)

2) The Triennial Licence Fee (this covers the Certification Trademark Licence for 3yrs and is invoiced after you have been notified that your assessment is successful) 

There are 5 fee tiers to enable all sized companies to apply. The fees are in Australian Dollars.

All profits from this certification trademark get donated to our partners on the ground working to protect rainforests and all they contain. 

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