Many palm oil free claims are made by companies whose products are not palm oil free. Most of these incorrect claims are innocent and are due to the lack of knowledge of the manufacturer because thousands of ingredients are made from palm oil (called palm oil derivatives), but, most do not have the word ‘palm’ in their ingredient name eg cetyl alcohol so it is difficult for the manufacturer to know and if they don’t know then how can the consumer know.

Our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark will accept applications for any product in any category and any service or company.

We understand many people wish to avoid products that contain palm oil and palm oil derivatives. Up until now, partly due to the complexity of palm oil and its multitude of derivatives there was no easy way to determine if a product was genuinely palm oil free. This issue drove us to develop a Certification Programme which guarantees consumers that any product that displays our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark has been audited & certified by POFCAP using strict independent, international criteria, rules and standards. This link will show you about 600 of those derivatives ‘POTENTIAL  PALM  OIL  DERIVATIVES  LIST’

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